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A link from Twitter leads to Jack Kerouac’s thoughts on writing and living in the present. Soon, I'm lost in thought watching the crows outside our living room, hopping from one Victoria Park tree to the next.

On the Overground to work, I listen to The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians and watch the faces of fellow passengers. Sun pours into the carriage, spring a week early.

A letter sent off at lunch time, a walk through Camden in the glorious sunshine. Chemtrails cover the sky, homeless people congregate outside high street bank branches. Very reluctantly, I return to my desk.
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It's that time of the year again - the time where I try to post every single day in October and (almost) single-handedly save Livejournal.

I realise I'm overdue a proper life update. A lot happened this summer - some of which is too private even for Livejournal - but hopefully in the coming days I'll be able to share some of the news with you.

I'm currently sitting in my living room in East London, watching rain lash down on Victoria Park. I'm leaving the house in a few hours for a birthday lunch in Camden. All my shoes have holes.
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The Overground train heads into West London, gathering surly commuters along the way. I spot a white tent alongside a busy highway, hidden amongst brambles and trees. Whoever sleeps there has to contend with England's soggy winter ground.

The sun shines through our carriage, casting our shadows against the embankments.

I get off at Camden Road and walk down the high street towards work. By a stoplight, a garbage truck goes by. I imagine a child in my arms, and when the both of us wave goodbye at the truck the two men inside smile and their day is changed.


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