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Walking home South London, via Victoria Park. Autumn is here.

A gorgeous autumnal Sunday, my boyfriend and I go for a run. “Do you mind if I listen to music?” He asks. Of course not I reply, dangling my earphones.

We run past a narrow boat on the Hertford Union canal lock and people taking pictures of it.  We join the joggers pounding down Victoria Park’s paths. CHVRCHES and Erasure sing in my ears; how lovely to realise their new albums are also good for runners.

My right knee starts to ache just over 4km, by a water fountain. “Let’s walk the rest of the way.” He smiles in agreement.
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Walk home after work through Mile End Park, Regent's Canal.

Autumn in London has been beautiful so far: sunny skies and crisp days.

I walk through Bow and Peckham on my way to work, listening to recently downloaded albums: the new ones from Erasure, Ghost Culture, Disclosure, CHVRCHES and New Order – plus some old ones too (Pet Shop Boys, 1999; Yazoo, early 80s.)

I have no energy or disposition to exercise once I’m back home; I’m envious of those heading towards Victoria Park. I’ve tried a few times to get off the tube earlier and walk up Mile End Park, following Regent’s Canal. I’m invisible to incoming cyclists and joggers.


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