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I feel your pain mate.

It’s been 8 weeks since I joined a mental health project in Peckham, South London, offering frontline services to people in the community.

The bad news is unrelenting. If what’s happening to the mentally ill and poor in this borough is a microcosm of the whole country, well, I don’t even want to think about it. My own mental health sometimes wavers at the unbearably sad, depressing stories that we deal with on a daily basis.

Government is removing nearly all its support for these people, and charities under cuts can’t do as much as before.

Who will help them?
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My daily place on the platform.

I’m overtaken by a jogger as I cross a Peckham park. He stops by the gate for his Pitbull to catch up with him. As he leans down to leash it, the Pitbull notices a black cat under a car. Old enemies strike and hiss.

A co-worker is late due to delayed trains and Canary Wharf’s crowded platforms. “Two women ended up fighting because of the push and shove,” she says.

A homeless woman visits our mental health centre. Her partner beats her up, her brother back in Romania stole everything she owned. My co-worker tears up as she cries.

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Walk home after work through Mile End Park, Regent's Canal.

Autumn in London has been beautiful so far: sunny skies and crisp days.

I walk through Bow and Peckham on my way to work, listening to recently downloaded albums: the new ones from Erasure, Ghost Culture, Disclosure, CHVRCHES and New Order – plus some old ones too (Pet Shop Boys, 1999; Yazoo, early 80s.)

I have no energy or disposition to exercise once I’m back home; I’m envious of those heading towards Victoria Park. I’ve tried a few times to get off the tube earlier and walk up Mile End Park, following Regent’s Canal. I’m invisible to incoming cyclists and joggers.


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