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Two days ago, I left for work at 8am (as usual) and walked to the nearest train station to catch the Overground to North London. On my way, I was surprised to find a white and black cat laid out in the middle of the sidewalk. I stopped for a few seconds to pet it. It didn't budge when I stood up and walked away.

In the train, I read a chapter from Rowena Wiseman's novel Repeat After Me. The main character, a teenager called Ivy, had just discovered her grandmother was going to stay with her for a few days - taking care of her while her parents were in America. Granddaughter and grandmother had started off on the wrong foot but, as the chapters progressed, had begun to appreciate each other's company.

Later that same day, on my way home, I found the cat still laid in the middle of the sidewalk. It looked like it was waiting for someone. I stopped again to pet it.

In the evening, while watching an interview with Alan Moore and his wife on YouTube, discussing their collaborative work Lost Girls, I had a quick look at Facebook and found out from an aunt that my grandmother had passed away a few hours before.

My grandmother's wake and funeral took place yesterday, 8th July 2015, in Londrina, Brasil. She was 89 years old.

I called my mother yesterday evening and she told me her mother's death had been very sudden. She had had lunch on Tuesday and gone to the bedroom to take her customary nap. The way she laid down, she stayed; she never woke up.
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Here's a pulpy, sci-fi story I wrote back in 2005 with the help of LJ friends! I asked people to provide me with random sentences from books, magazines and newspapers and then tried to weave it all together into a story. Hysteria in the House of Change was the result.

I've edited a little over the years as some of the sentences really didn't make much sense, no matter how hard I tried. My boyfriend kindly offered to create a book cover for it and the final result is now up on Wattpad.

Incidentally, any of you interested in writing, I highly recommend posting your stuff there and getting involved.  I've met some good writers - ranging from retired teachers in the US to young up-and-coming indie writers in Australia - and it can be a wonderful community if you know where to look.  Yes, the majority of writers are teenagers obsessed with One Direction, but you also get people posting memoirs, poetry, and there are even competitions - called "smackdowns" - that encourage creative writing.  It's fun!
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What do you think of this strange theatre?

It looks to me like the Americans shot it down with one of their drones. Probably there were wanted terrorists among the Indonesians on board. Funny that there were no Americans onboard although some were booked on but withdrew at the last moment.

The plane obviously came down immediately after leaving Malaysian airspace but before entering Vietnamese.This is where the Chinese photographed some debris on Sunday already but the Malaysians (who must be in on it) started a rumour that the plane had turned back and passed overland again into the Mallaca Strait.Then diverted all the search to that area giving the debris time to sink out of sight.

Did you ever go on a plane in Asia with NO Americans on board? I did not.

So whenever you travel make sure there are Americans on the plane!


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